The real estate listing website Estate Invest was created and developed by Zain Eqbal in April 2022 with the aim to protect fellow Indians and safeguard their interests.

Zain hails from Patna, and his father Ew Khan is a well-known advocate in Patna High Court.

He is India Book of Records Holder for being youngest to develop a property website .Zain has more than 350 plus certifications from different institutes and organizations.

Zain is also giving employment to people making a positive difference. Currently, his company employs more than 80 people.

He also runs an organization named The Innocent Childhood that helps educate poor children. The organization pays the fees of poor children who can’t afford an education. Up until now, more than 200 poor students have received their education under this organization.

Talking to the media, Zain Eqbal explained his motivation for starting Estate Invest “Due to the pandemic, the real estate industry was going through a bad phase. It was during this time that I was at my father’s office, and a woman came and complained about a builder who took advantage of her trust by providing wrong information about a property. My father told me that these things happen regularly in this sector. This led me to think of ways to change the real estate industry to benefit common Indians and provide the most authentic services to the customers.”

One of the most powerful features of this website is its advanced protection feature. It protects the users from getting wronged. Estate Invest also provides real estate services along with tenant verification, rent agreements, and other legal services related to the real estate industry.

The motive behind starting Estate Invest was to protect its users and to provide full-fledged real estate services. The listing website has detailed information about properties, and they help the buyer purchase the property.

Estate Invest is among the fastest-growing real estate listing websites with a presence in three major states, i.e. Delhi, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

This much-needed listing website plans to take its operations pan-India while helping India to become a 5 trillion GDP.